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Methods of Vision Correction


Patients often take a one size fits all approach to eyewear. The truth is patients' eyewear needs are as varied as their eye color. Everyone has unique circumstances in their environment and in their own prescription which make choosing a frame and lens material a very individualized experience. The optical staff at Contact Lens Associates are nationally licensed and trained to apply state of the art lens technology to meet your unique vision demands. This technology will help you see better, provide improved perception of color and help you see sharper detail.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses provide presbyopic correction without the tell-tale line of bifocals and new progressive lens optics promote more ease of vision than ever before! Updated lens designs have evolved to offer a wider field of vision and easier access to the reading zones. We offer the power of the most advanced lens technology, coupled with the experience of our highly trained staff, to fit you in a lens to meet your unique vision requirements.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Prescription lenses with anti-reflective protection not only eliminate bothersome nighttime glare from head lights, tail lights and street lights for safer driving, they're unparalleled in eliminating glare from computers and overhead lighting which cause eyestrain and fatigue. Today's anti-reflective lens materials have improved significantly and will not smudge or wear off like earlier anti-reflective coatings.

Function vs. Fashion

Our Optical Department at Contact Lens Associates offers fashion forward frames across a broad range of price points. Our opticians posess an unparalleled commitment to quality, layered with expert style advice. Our collections of well-known, luxury brand frames range from attention-getting and edgy, to the timeless allure of reborn classics. In addition to well-known brands we also carry more exclusive boutique collections. We have a passion for fashion, great style, and impeccable service.


Contact Lenses

At Contact Lens Associates we perform a broad range of contact lens exams, ranging from patients wearing 1-day, two week or monthly disposable lenses, to those needing a more customized fitting because of conditions such as keratoconus and high astigmatism.

Our doctors' focus is to match your unique vision needs with a contact lens that fits not just your eyes but your lifestyle. Lenses are improving every day and there are many different contacts to choose from including:

  • Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
  • 2 week and monthly disposable contact lenses from a variety of manufacturers
  • Contact Lenses to help combat dry eye syndrome
  • Colored Contact Lenses
  • Bi-focal and Multi-focal Contact Lenses
  • Astigmatic or "Toric" Contact Lenses
  • Custom made, hybrid/specialty contact lenses to help correct vision for those patients with "high astigmatism", patients with "Keratoconus and post-surgical patients.

Because we want our new contact lens wearers to be successful right from the start, our policy is to have all new contact lens wearers complete a customized training session. A contact lens technician will work one-on-one with you, to teach you how to insert and remove contacts, and how to properly clean and care for your lenses.

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